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CLeveland lithichrome

How to Apply Litho Colors

A prime coat (thinned coat) is recommended for best possible bond for the top color coat. The easiest way to use this prime coat is to mix one part Lithco Solvent to one part Lithco Clear. If Lithco Clear is not available, thin Lithco Color to be applied one to one with Lithco Solvent. Top coat can be applied within a few minutes. Color coat needs no thinning unless a lighter tone is required. Have brush well wetted so as to "flow" color as much as possible. Once color has started to dry it should not be disturbed by further brushing. If colors are being sprayed, of course some thinning is necessary, about one third with Lithco Solvent. Again apply lighter coat first. When dry, apply substantial second coat. It is amazing what Lithco Clear will do towards renewing of Lithco Colors which have been exposed to years of weathering. If any Lithco Color is given a coat of Lithco Clear every four or five years, the original color will remain presentable for many more years. This require only a few minutes, as no masking is required. It is recommended that for maximum weathering protection, all Lithco Colors be given an overcoat of Lithco Clear following initial application. Brush lightly so as not to pick up the under coat. When storing any Lithco Color, a few drops of Lithco solvent prior to storage will help seal Lithco Color for it's long term protection.

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